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The Environmental Impact of Collision Repair and Our Commitment to Sustainability

Automotive technicians work with an assortment of vehicles and materials that must be painted, repaired or straightened out – from painting them with bright hues, to […]

Tips for Driving in the Rain

When driving in the rain, the most important thing to remember is to slow down. Driving fast in the rain can cause you to slip and […]

Why Do Auto Collision Repair Estimates Differ Between Shops?

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Obtaining a Car Crash Report in Johnson and Parker Counties

To get insurance claims for a car accident, a copy of  a crash report may be necessary. The police officer that is assigned at the car […]

How Speeding Resulted in a Tragic Accident in Fort Worth

A car that is traveling at a high rate of speed is an accident waiting to happen. Speeding has claimed the lives of many drivers and […]

Long-Term Physical and Emotional Damages to Victims of a Car Accident

Getting in an accident can be a traumatic experience, and it can have a long-term effect both physically and emotionally. According to an article on, […]

What to Know About Car Accidents With Unknown Reasons

There are car accidents which cause cannot be determined. According to an article on, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a survey and […]