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Tips for Driving in the Rain

When driving in the rain, the most important thing to remember is to slow down. Driving fast in the rain can cause you to slip and […]

Questions You Have About Choosing A Collision Repair Center

Before bringing your car to a collision repair center, you may be wondering what to ask them. Here is a list of common questions you should […]

Keeping a Cars Paint Job in Good Condition

To keep a car’s paint job in good condition, you must protect it from direct sunlight, hot and cold temperatures, and extreme UV radiation. You should […]

What Makes Up Collision Repair Costs?

Collision repair used to be as simple as straightening steel and replacing broken parts. But today’s vehicles are more complex. They have onboard computers, and that […]

Collision Coverage – What Happens If You Are Not at Fault?

Collision Repair Coverage Collision coverage will reimburse you for the cost of repairs after an accident. It does not matter who was at fault – your […]

Fort Worth Auto Body Repair

If your car has suffered a collision, you’ll need to find a quality Fort Worth auto-body repair shop. There are several types of Fort Worth collision […]

Parts That Usually Need to Be Repaired During A Collision Repair

If you’re repairing your car after an auto collision, you will need to select a shop with experience. Then there’s the question of whether your car […]

Three Things To Consider When Picking An Auto Body Shop In DFW

How do you choose the right auto body shop? You should consider several factors when choosing an auto shop. These include location, quality, ASE/I–CAR certifications, as well as […]

What Is The Best Touch Up Auto Paint For Your Vehicle

When choosing auto paint, you should determine what you need. Paint will be required to paint the wheels or car’s body. You will need a lot of special […]