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Let’s Talk About TX Weather

Only Texans understand…

One minute it’s sunny, the next there’s a severe weather warning on the news.

We can all agree that Texas weather is unpredictable. Even our Meteorologists (bless their hearts) have a tough time predicting our weather! One sure way to ensure you’re covered next time we experience a severe storm, is to simply have a plan of action of exactly where to bring your car for your auto hail damage repair. Follow the thousands of loyal customers who choose Five Star Autoplex as their #1 choice for auto hail damage repairs in Fort Worth TX.

Auto Repairs are our absolute specialty! With over 30 years of experience, we can confidently say that we have mastered the art of auto hail damage repair. This is our true passion within the industry and our quality work and unique process speaks for itself!

We love auto hail repairs so much that we offer our auto hail repair customers a number of generous incentives to choose us!

Fun Fact: Texas ranked #1 in the nation for highest number of hail events (2019).

The #1 Auto Hail Repair Choice in Fort Worth TX

Here’s what Five Star Autoplex offers to customers for choosing us as their first choice in auto hail repairs:

  • FREE $500 CASH

We post monthly auto hail repair specials on our Instagram and Facebook where we explain our auto hail repair cash giveaways. This month, we are giving ALL customers $500 cash just for choosing us. That’s it. Our customers don’t believe it until the cash is in their pockets, but we’re serious! This is just one of the ways that Five Star Autoplex gives back to our loyal and trusting customers.


You pay $0 out of pocket. Five Star Autoplex not only gifts you cash, but we actually pay your deductible for you so there’s no reason not to choose us! No risk involved, just passionate people providing quality services to trusted customers.


We are 100% committed to our customers and want you to feel fully protected with our services. We hold ourselves completely accountable by offering a lifetime warranty on our services. If there is ever any problem, or any falter that you may see after our repair services, we ask that you contact us immediately so that we can do anything in our power to make it right. Our customer’s satisfaction means everything to us.

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The Auto Hail Repair Process

Fort Worth TX Auto Hail Repair Specialists

Our skilled technicians will use their knowledge to determine whether or not PDR is the best choice for your car or not. Come to our Fort Worth or Haltom City locations so we can fix your car’s auto hail damage!

We often post on our Facebook or Instagram about current specials and you must mention the post to get the deal! Follow us so you don’t miss out!

  • All insurances accepted
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free Car Rental
  • Free Pickup/Delivery

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File an Insurance Hail Damage Claim: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1: Assess your Car

Once the storm has passed, take a look at your car. It is not safe to drive if it has a smashed windshield. Walk around the entire vehicle to check the condition of the headlights, taillights, and the roof of the car.

With smaller hail, the damage may not be easily visible. If you can, get your car in direct light. When the light shines on the car, you may notice a dimple effect that looks like a golf ball. Look for missing paint.

Lastly, take videos and pictures of close-up and wider photos to show the full extent of the damage. This will be helpful for us and the insurance company.

Step 2: Call Your Insurance Company

Hail damage car insurance claims will NOT raise your rates, so don’t worry! Call your insurance claims department to report your hail damage for your car insurance claim number. From there, they will guide you to make your claim.

Take note of the claim number they give you. This number is specific to you, your vehicle, and the hail damage done to your car.

Step 3: Call or Text 817-656-3500

After you’ve filed your hail damage car insurance claim, simply call Five Star Autoplex at 817-656-3500. We will pair you with a claims specialist who will schedule a time that works best for you to drop off your vehicle or have it looked at.

Don’t have time to drop it off? No problem! We offer FREE pickup-delivery.

We make it fast and easy! We merge several steps by having your insurance adjuster come to our shop and write the estimate on your vehicle. Adjusters can give the most accurate estimate in our shop because we wash, light, and locate every single dent on your vehicle before they arrive!  This takes the guess work out for everyone!

We handle all the “car talk” with your insurance company for you!

Don’t wanna call/text? We have various modes of connecting with you! DM us on Facebook or Instagram, Email us, Fill out our Contact Form, whatever is more convenient for you!

Step 4: Choose Your FREE Rental Car

Once you’ve dropped off your vehicle, or called to have it picked up, we will have a FREE rental of your choice scheduled for your use if needed.

We know life doesn’t stop, even after car damage, so we offer rental cars for you use at your will throughout the duration of your car’s repair. Sit back, relax and go about the rest of your day! Even if your insurance doesn’t cover a rental, we will still provide it free of charge!

Step 5: We Repair Your Car

Once the hail damage car insurance claim adjuster has seen the vehicle and has written the final estimate, we can start repairing! Wait time on this process varies on the insurance company.

Our advanced technicians will begin repairing your vehicle, which usually takes only 2 – 4 days. Innovative technology, special tools and years of training allow our paintless dent removal team to remove every dent or damage and provide a complete restoration, lifetime guaranteed!

Step 6: Your Car is Brand New!

Once your car is repaired, we will provide a FREE wash and detail.

Due to COVID-19, our team offers a complimentary double sanitation service where we fully sanitize the interior of your car before and after we work on it. Trust that your car is squeaky clean inside and out, in way better condition than how it was brought to us.

We will contact you to pick up your vehicle but if you can’t pick it up, we also offer FREE delivery, just call us and ask!

Simply drive your free rental car to the rental location. They will transport you to our site, and there you will inspect your vehicle and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the repair. If not, we have a 100% lifetime warranty so if you aren’t happy with our service, just bring it back and we’ll take care of it.

Then, drive home in your restored vehicle with the comfort of knowing you have a written lifetime warranty and your car is even better than its original state! You’re officially part of the Five Star Family!

FREE Mobile Estimator

Five Star Autoplex Accepts ALL Manufacturers


We have over 30 years of experience in working with a variety of car makes and models. We can pair you up with any of our certified technicians that specialize in your car’s make and model. Some auto body repair shops are not equipped to accept all car manufacturers because of inexperience and lack of knowledge. Our hand-selected technicians each specialize in certain car models and we ensure your car will be serviced with experience, mastery and quality care. Call today to experience our Five Star quality services!