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The Dangers of Multiple Vehicle Pileup and Sideswipe Collision Accidents

Car accidents occur frequently in Texas. In February of 2021 alone, a multi-car pileup accident that involved more than 100 vehicles happened in Forth Worth, Texas. […]

The Dangers of Head-On Collision and Vehicle Rollover Accidents

The state of Texas has known many car accidents that have  caused serious injuries or claimed the lives of people. Practicing cautious driving when driving on […]

Road Dangers Due to Inclement Weather

Weather conditions are known to have caused many road accidents in Texas. In February 2021 alone, a hailstorm caused a multiple car pileup accident that included […]

Tire Issues That Cause Road Accidents

Driving a car with tire problems is very dangerous. Losing control of a car when on the road is often a result of tires that are […]

Types of Driver Behavior That Cause Auto Collisions

There are types of driver behavior that lead to car accidents. The most common causes of car accidents include those that have a negligent driver. An […]

Traffic Accidents and Driver Negligence

A traffic accident as a result of negligent behavior of a driver is a pursuable lawsuit. Traffic accidents can happen because a driver is drunk, calling […]

Useful Advice on Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

An auto collision accident is a serious threat to car occupants. Car crashes can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. The roads of Texas can […]

82 Car Crashes and Multi-Car Pileup Crash on the Roads of Texas

Car accidents occur frequently and can have deadly consequences. In Arlington, Texas, a total number of 82 crashes that happened in a short period of time. […]

Dangerous Roads and Catastrophic Consequences of the Texas Winter Storm

The winter storm in Texas in February of 2021 was so catastrophic that it resulted in power outage in millions of homes and a death toll […]